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What is a Carrot Code?

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How it Works

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Support Projects

By using Carrot, brands can pay out rewards directly to their audience at scale for supporting their mission.

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Complete Rewards

Complete surveys, social media campaigns, or tune in for live streams for your chance to get compensated for your support.

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Earn Sats

Get paid rewards in Bitcoin via the Lightning Network. Bitcoin is the currency of the internet and perfect for small payouts.

What's a Carrot Code?

A Carrot Code is a short string of letters and numbers that is redeemable on Carrot for Bitcoin. Codes are given out by creators to incentivize user engagement, event attendance, and much more.

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Reward your Supporters

Are you a brand or individial looking to pay out your fans to support your mission? We’d love to hear what you have in mind.

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Earn Bitcoin Rewards for Supporting the Brands You Love

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